For the last 10 years Cabfind has been offering last mile logistics services to a number of multi-scale UK organisations. Via the Pulse service, Cabfind have transported thousands of products, ranging from tyres to tablets, and prescriptions to people, on the final leg of their journey.

Cabfind is primarily an on-demand-transport technology provider, specialising in the private hire and ground transportation needs of organisations across the UK. A broad range of corporate clients and travel partners work with Cabfind, including commercial organisations, travel management companies, airlines and rail and freight operators.

Cabfind Pulse is another element of the services offered; dedicated solely to the last mile logistical needs of organisations.

With a virtual fleet of over 160,000 vehicles through the UK wide network of over 2,300 suppliers, Cabfind provide a full range of ground transportation vehicles.

We spoke to Managing Director, Chris Jordan on how Cabfind help organisations with their logistical requirements.

How can deliveries be sent more cost-effectively?

Outsourcing logistics is more cost effective than running a fleet of your own vehicles, as there is a fixed capital cost in sustaining these depreciating assets, such as purchasing, storing and maintaining a large number of vehicles, along with the cost of hiring drivers as staff. Outsourcing logistics to a company like Cabfind Pulse gives organisations access to a vast network of different types of vehicles, as and when the business requires it.

The use of hybrid vehicles within Cabfind fleet is also extremely cost effective for clients, in terms of energy costs and helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Which metrics really matter for service delivery?

Cabfind has over 10 years experience providing last mile logistics and have found that customers value a number of factors when working with Cabfind Pulse.

Flexible bookings: Bookings can be scheduled to suit operational requirements or vehicles can be requested ASAP to meet the changing demands in customer needs.

Response times: Cabfind’s extensive network covers the vast majority of the UK and is currently operating at a 98% success rate in under 20 minutes, anywhere in the country.

Customer service: The responsive nature of Cabfind Pulse allows clients to go the extra mile for their customers, allowing for same day delivery options could mean the difference between a converted sale and customers going elsewhere.

Delivery costs: Cabfind benefit from unparalleled economies of scale due to the sheer number of journeys managed, resulting in lower prices and priority service.

Network size: Cabfind’s supply network rivals any competitor, consisting of 2,300 providers with a combined fleet of over 160,000 vehicles.

Security: All Cabfind suppliers are recruited and managed through a strategic process which includes vetting, auditing, performance scoring and site visits.

Is ultra-fast delivery really catching on? Who values the service?

One pharmaceutical client that uses Cabfind Pulse has gone from a small operation of 200 deliveries a month to over 2000 a month in the space of just six months, the ability to provide ultra fast delivery is key to the success of this partnership.

As booking is on demand; this flexibility is perfect for the last minute, same day delivery requirements of some organisations. Current partners can schedule bookings to suit their operational needs or request an ASAP vehicle to get their customers order to them that same day, a service valued by both the organisation and their customer. 

What are your top tips for improving post-sale supply chain? 

Always ensure rules and conditions of service are confirmed upfront and stick to them so that you can deliver on promises. For example, focus on an achievable radius where you can guarantee that you can hit store to store and meet your customer’s delivery requirements.

The vast network that Cabfind has access to allows a company to provide a city-like service anywhere in the country. In essence, any sized company that requires last mile logistical support could use Cabfind Pulse to gain a competitive advantage.

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