Cabfind ‘in the press’ round up

Cabfind ‘in the press’ round up: UK Taxi Expenses Review, new senior appointment and industry comment

Cabfind’s UK Taxi Expenses Review 2017 was among the key talking points in magazine features on ground transportation this month.

The April/May edition of The Business Travel Magazine featured two articles on ground transportation, drawing on key statistics from Cabfind’s research on the hidden costs of taxi travel.

In discussions on how new technology, tools and trends were shaping travel policies, Cabfind’s statistics on the numbers of business travellers rounding up taxi expenses and how many companies do not have a defined company taxi policy in place, were featured.

In a separate article, there were comments from Cabfind’s new Commercial Director Daniel Price who was also profiled in the magazine’s On the Move section.

Click here to read the digital edition of The Business Travel Magazine.

Meanwhile in the April edition of Rail Professional, Cabfind’s Managing Director Lee Wasnidge shared his insights and expertise from a career in the rail sector and his new role at Cabfind.

He talked widely about Cabfind’s managed taxi service for crew and passenger movements, from its capabilities to absorb major disruptions on the networks to interpreting crew diagrams and identifying time and cost saving measures.

Click here to read the April 2017 edition of Rail Professional, pages 153 -155


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