Client Survey

  • Contact Details

  • Booking experience

  • e.g Web, App, Phone, Smartwatch, TMC, Other apps, Voice, with train/flight ticket
  • eg 24/7, Mornings, Office Hours, Evenings, Weekends
  • e.g People, Packages, Perishable Goods, Large Items
  • e.g Cars, MPV, Exec vehicles (chauffeur), Coaches, Electric Vehicles, Wheelchair Accessible
  • e.g UK, Europe, International, Airports, Train Stations, Urban, Rural, Home, Office, Client Site, Depots
  • e.g SMS, Email, App notification, Telephone call, Social Media, other
  • Service Experience

  • e.g 0-5 mins, 5-10 mins, 10-20 mins, 20+mins
  • e.g Arrival time, Completion time, Driver name, Registration plate, Pick up location, Visual tracking, Notification of Delay
  • e.g Arrival time, Driver Name, Registration Plate, Pick up location, Visual tracking, Expected travel time, Taxi company name
  • e.g Picks up on time, Arrives at destination on time, Knowledgeable driver, Safety, Correct vehicle type, Cleanliness, Optimization, Efficiency, Cost
  • Safety

  • e.g SMS, Email, App notification, Telephone call, Social media, Don't contact me, Other
  • e.g Line manager, HR manager , Travel manager, Next of kin, Family member, Colleague, no-one else
  • e.g As it happens, Same day, Next day. Within MI Reports
  • Feedback

  • e.g Journey quality, Driver/vehicle quality, Customer service, Contact centre quality
  • SMS, Email, App notification , Telephone call, Social media, other
  • e.g after every ride, Spot checks, After every complaint, Monthly , Quarterly, Annually
  • e.g Instantly, within 24 hours, 24-48 hours, 72 hours+
  • e.g Driver, Vehicle, Operators, Passenger Satisfaction
  • Loyalty

  • e.g Air miles, Hotel groups, Aggregators, High street, Supermarket (Tesco/Nectar), Mobile networks ( Virgin, O2)
  • e.g Air miles, Free rides, Free subscriptions ( entertainment streaming), Restaurant and hotel discounts, Cashback
  • e.g 'Gold' Members receive preferential service, Priority bookings, Unlock new rewards at each level of members , cashback
  • Payment

  • e.g Account, Credit card, Contactless, Apple/Android Pay, pay-pal, Charge card, Cash, via TMC
  • e.g Each journey, Weekly, Monthly
  • e.g Traveller, Company, KDS/Concur expense management system
  • Reporting

  • e.g Admin , Finance, Management, Account manager, TMC's
  • e.g Email, Telephone call, Meeting, Printed document, Via Portal/on demand, Via FTP, other
  • e.g Excel, CSV, PDF, Powerpoint
  • Account management

  • e.g Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Ad-hoc
  • e.g Face-to-Face, Phone , Email, SMS, Social media , Webinar
  • e.g MI, Incidents, Completed Actions, Action plans, Future Enhancements

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