Duty of Care report reveals the risk in an exposed taxi travel policy

Cabfind, the UK’s leading managed taxi service, has released a new report on Duty of Care within taxi travel, the results of which has far reaching implications for business travel managers.

Surveying 500 business taxi passengers from across the UK, Cabfind’s report reveals how businesses control their employees taxi requirements, with particular reference to their safety and wellbeing.

An alarming 1 in 3 of respondents revealed they have been involved in personal incidents such as abuse, assault or theft when travelling by taxi.

While most travel policies have robust plans and best practices for accommodation, rail and air travel; taxis are often left for the traveller to arrange independently, despite the fact that taxis are one of the least regulated modes of transport.

Commenting on the report, Daniel Price, Commercial Director at Cabfind said, “Our research found that 54% of respondents have no restrictions on their taxi travel; often processing costs through expenses. While this may seem a simple and flexible approach, if an incident occurs there is no way of knowing where the traveller is. This exposes both the traveller and company to considerable risks.”

The report also reveals the fragmented nature of how business travellers access transport services, making it increasingly difficult for travel managers to ensure the safety of their colleagues and policies are adhered to.

Price commented, “In previous times it may have been possible to profile a business traveller and provide a one-size-fits-all approach to travel programmes. The modern structure however requires a much more flexible solution which takes into account the contrasting behaviours of various demographics across an organisation.”

With all companies holding a duty of care responsibility towards their employees, passengers and customers, it is heartening to know that a solution is available through a managed taxi service.

“When reviewing their taxi usage, it can initially be eye-opening for our customers when they realise how many gaps were in their travel policy before utilising our managed taxi service. Cabfind works with travel managers to look at their current taxi consumption, enhance their service offering and ensure a robust policy is in place, taking into account duty of care, cost control and policy compliance.”

For companies that regularly use taxis for business purposes, the report illustrates the hazards in exercising an exposed taxi travel policy, which could be resolved with closer consideration and smarter management.

Cabfind will be discussing the report in more detail at the Business Travel Show, held in Olympia London on 21st and 22nd February.

The Duty of Care Report 2018 is available for download from http://www.cabfind.com/care


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